Imlie shocking twist: Imlie to take drastic steps to stop Aditya and Malini’s wedding?

The film Imli starring Sumbul Tauqeer, Gashmir Mahajani, Mayuri Deshmukh and Fahman Khan is being loved by the audience. Fans love its central character Tamarind who has been trying her best to settle into the modern lifestyle from the very beginning. At the moment the story is of Aditya aka Gashmir Mahajani and Malini aka Mayuri Deshmukh’s wedding. Malini is overjoyed that Aditya will finally be her and she has managed to defeat Tamarind. Deep down though Aditya still has feelings for Tamarind. Meanwhile the Tripathi family is not overly happy with the marriage. Also read- Imlie SPOILER ALERT: Aryan saves Imli from a major wardrobe malfunction; Aditya warns her against him

The Tripathi family loves Tamarind as their daughter-in-law and in the coming episodes, we will see her requesting her to pull some strings to stop Aditya and Malini’s marriage. Aparna will get tears in her eyes and she will ask Imli to stop the marriage somehow. On the other hand Aditya will also be worried. We will see him double guessing his decision to marry Malini. Seeing Malini dressed up in her wedding dress and Aditya dressed as the groom, Tamarind will have an emotional moment wherein all her emotions will run rampant. Also read- Imlie Spoiler Alert: New entrant in the show, Aryan is planning to bankrupt Aditya and Tripathi family; Will ask for tamarind’s revenge

Meanwhile, the character of Fahman Khan in the show is winning everyone’s heart. He saved Imli from a major embarrassment when Malini tore her clothes during the wedding festivities. Also read- Tamarind Spoiler Alert: Imli and Aryan strike a surprise deal; Decide to teach Aditya a lesson he will remember for life

Will Tamarind take any drastic step to stop Aditya from marrying Malini? Will Aditya have a change of heart and stop the marriage himself? Will Malini succeed in her plan to defeat Imli by marrying Aditya? The answers to these questions will be found in the coming episodes only.

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