Imran Ashraf Expresses Admiration For Wife Kiran Imran |

Emraan Ashraf is one such actor who is loved by everyone. His excellent performance, impeccable writing but above all his humility and humility has won the hearts of the whole world. Be it Bhola, Adam, Musa or Billu, Imran Ashraf brings his characters to life in such a way that they become a part of everyday conversation.

Imran is married to Kiran Ashfaq Haider and the couple is blessed with a son, Roham. As Imran was a guest on Rabia Anam’s Ramzan telecast, he expressed great admiration for his wife. He said that marrying Kiran brought good fortune and fame in his life. When they met, he got Alif Allah and insan, on marriage he got Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.

Imran Ashraf praises wife Kiran Imran

With their marriage came her first award which put Imran on the map to be one of the most successful Pakistani stars currently.

Imran Ashraf praises wife Kiran Imran

Hear Dum Mastam star Imran Ashraf expressing admiration for his wife: