‘In Her Car’: Beta, ZDFneo & France Télévisions Board Gaumont’s Ukrainian War Drama

beta filmGerman ZDFneo and France Télévisions have joined gaumontUkrainian war drama in his car.

Shown by Eugen Tunik, the 10-part series is set during the early days of the Ukraine war and draws on the lived experiences of Kievites sheltering in the aftermath of the Russian invasion in February 2022. Each episode follows local doctor Lydia (How is Katya? star Anastasia Karpenko) is locking up a different person for security. Told from inside the protagonist’s car, the series will explore different stories of resilience and civic responsibility and each passenger has a very touching story to tell.

ZDFneo and France Télévisions will broadcast alongside Ukraine’s Starlite Media, while Beta is handling international sales. Gaumont set up an international financing and co-production alliance and closed it.

,in his car Veronika Kovakova, Beta’s EVP International Sales & Acquisitions CEE, emphasizes the power of human stories that cut across borders and struggles. “The courage, commitment and professionalism of the talented creatives involved in the realization of each of these cars under the most difficult conditions is more than impressive.”

in his car It is one of a number of Ukrainian drama series to emerge since the war began some 18 months ago, with many broadcasters combing over the likes of anthology series. who stayed,

Moritz von Krüdener, MD of BET Group, unveiled the news during a NEM Keynote speaker Wednesday afternoon.