‘Invitation To A Bonfire’ Showrunner Rachel Caris Love Is Hopeful Drama Dropped By AMC Will Find A New Home

audience of AMCrecently scrapped holika dahan invitation Hopefully her psychological thriller will land elsewhere.

Rachel Carris Love says she’s already having “conversations about finding a partner who is able to give us the support we need.” His team had already completed four of the first six episodes when they received word before Christmas that AMC was killing the Boston-based project that stars Tatiana MaslanyNgozi Anyanvu and Pilou Asbe.

The series was given a six-episode order and is set to launch on AMC and AMC+ this year. but then Holikawith the second season of 61st Streetwere removed by AMC Networks shortly after the company revealed that approximately $400M of content would be written down.

“Everyone on the cast and crew is really crushed,” Love tells Deadline. “When they called me, they said it had nothing to do with the creative and everything to do with finance and accounting. When you’re creating something really beautiful and special, it’s a very challenging process to process.” There is work.

“We’ve created something unique… a sensual, suspenseful and lush drama – told through the female gaze,” continues Love. “We made a nesting doll of wonder. Basically, deceit, infidelity, murder. Our entire cast gave a wonderful performance. Freya Mavor, Pilou Asbak, Ngozi Anyanwu, and Emmy-winner Tatiana Maslany were breathtaking. He gave his life, as did our entire cast and crew. Emmy-nominee Cherian Dabis directed the first two episodes, while the fabulous Lily Marie directed episodes 103 and 104, and the incomparable Helen Shaver had to help with our grand finale. I’m so proud of what we’ve built together and look forward to looking forward to Bonfire’s future.

holika dahan invitation is based on the novel by Adrienne Selt and is a psychological thriller set in an all-girls boarding school in New Jersey in the 1930s. Inspired by the co-dependent marriage of Vladimir and Vera Nabokov, the series follows Zoya, a young Russian immigrant and landowner who finds herself in a deadly love triangle with the school’s newest faculty member – an enigmatic novelist – and his seductive wife. has been drawn.

This is Luv’s first attempt at running and producing his own show. her past credits include Physical And blind spot.

In addition to Love, Robin Schwartz and Kyle Lauren are executive producers. invitation While Carolyn Deutscher is a producer.