Iqra Aziz Shares Her Views On Young Couples Divorcing |

Iqra Aziz is a young and dynamic actress who is known for her varied scripts and portraying diverse roles. She is married to actor Yasir Hussain and the couple has always been very open about their love on social media. Yasir even publicly proposed Iqra during an award show.

She appeared on Fuchsia magazine’s YouTube channel for an interview, where she was asked about her views on why so many young couples are in trouble and the industry with so many marriages falling apart and whether she thinks the showbiz industry is a relationship. But takes a toll. To this Iqra said that every relationship demands work and this is what you can work in any industry. And it’s a challenge you have to make the best of. She said that everyday will be a challenge in life and it won’t work if you give up easily.

Iqra Aziz shares his thoughts on young couples getting divorced

Here’s how Iqra summed up his thoughts: