Issa Rae Shares Her Experience About Music Business: “It’s Probably The Worst Industry I’ve Ever Come Across”

Issa Rae thinks there are a lot of conflicts of interest in the music industry (Photo Credits: Instagram/Isare)

Actress Issa Rae, whose five-season run with “Insecure” ended with a finale this weekend, has dipped more than a toe in the music business.

She has started her own record label, Radio, and is producing a new show about aspiring rappers, using her current career to help launch music. But instead of being thrilled about entering another industry, Rae is sounding like she’s entered the viper’s lair, reports

When asked whether the music business is “a place where good ideas flourish”, Issa Rae said: “Absolutely not.”

“It’s probably the worst industry ever,” Issa Rae told Mikel Wood of the Los Angeles Times in a Q&A about her personal and professional experiences with music.

“I thought Hollywood Was crazy,” Rae continued.

“The music industry, it has to start all over again. There are many conflicts of interest. Antiquated mindset. Villains and criminals! It’s an addiction industry, and I really feel for the artists that need to be involved… it was somewhat shocking to discover,” said Issa Rae.

Rae did not succumb to his frustrations with the music business beyond the ordinary, but indicated that his feelings were based on a combination of his experiences setting up soundtracks and hearing from artists about what they do on a regular basis.

“I don’t want to be too specific, but even with labels or artists doing their own appointments (for soundtracks), it would be so complicated. And to find out which artists on other labels When I’m a producer myself and know what I want in relation to a relationship with a production company or producer, I tend to think that we’re more artist-friendly than others. of brands and companies. I want to renew things.”

Issa Rae also knocked Grammy interviewed and specifically picked a record that he had wrongfully snatched.

“What really bothers me – and this aligns with Hollywood – is the way music is rewarded. When I think of the Grammys and these other systems that are used to reward artistic creativity and uplifting artists, So I’m like, ‘You don’t get it. What are you rewarding?’

“It’s dumb, but I’ll say it anyway: A song by (Wizkids) ‘Essence’ – absolutely a powerhouse, and yet may not be properly accepted by the institution that is supposed to celebrate the best in music.” – That trips me out. To see that black people and our contributions to music aren’t celebrated the way they should be — I mean, these are not institutions for the USA.”

Wizkid’s “Essence” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Global Music Performance, but not Record of the Year. When asked about the omission in a recent interview with Billboard, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said: “It’s a great record. He’s a very talented artist. I can’t say why it didn’t make it.” made, but I really like the record.”

Issa Rae had a lot of good words for the individual cast in the interview, naturally, the 2021 successes of Jazmine Sullivan, who recorded a title song for ‘Insecure’ in Season 2 with Bryson Tiller, said, ” He really is pure genius.”

Rae also cited Don Tolliver and Cleo Soul as personal music favorites of the year.

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