“It Was Like I Was Dead”: Sharon Osbourne Details Career Fall-Out In Controversial Departure From ‘The Talk’

Before returning to the UK to both live and work, " data-tag="sharon-osbourne">Sharon Osbourne Has a detailed account of his sudden departure from CBS Conversation Last year.

When piers morgan Meghan Markle notoriously expressed disbelief at what Oprah Winfrey had to say about her mental health and faced thousands of complaints to UK regulator Ofcom (she later left her morning show broadcaster ITV), Osbourne tweeted his support for his longtime friend.

This led to an on-air confrontation with him Conversation Co-host, Sherrill Underwood, who asked Osbourne if he was racist, went live on the air, and a brawl followed. After their televised struggle and the CBS investigation, Osbourne apologized, writing:

“For any color that I offended and/or anyone who feels confused or disappointed by what I said, I am truly sorry,” she wrote in a statement. “I panicked, felt blind, got defensive and allowed my fear and horror of being accused of being a racist.”

He then faced further claims by aides of stoic remarks, some of which he accepted, some of which he rejected. now she tells many times That his card was already marked, CBS issued his marching orders.

“They told me, ‘You’re on permanent suspension. We don’t think you’re remorseful enough. And we’ll decide if you’ll ever come back.’ And I said, ‘Well, who will decide that?’ And they said, ‘We can’t tell you.'”

Osbourne described the trolling and death threats, and also how, after a US career spanning more than 40 years, she felt it was time to return to her native UK.

“My phone as far as my TV career [was concerned] was non-existent, not a call. Nothing. This never changed in England and Australia. Here it was as if I had died. ,

“Everyone is afraid to say something wrong that someone will take and sell. This is no way to live bloody. I do not want this. I don’t need it. It’s time for us to go home.”

Osbourne will be joined by her friend Morgan talkTVThe brand new television channel is launching this week, and is built on the hope that Morgan’s strong opinion with her primetime talk show will find a global audience in the US and Australia as well as the UK.

Osbourne’s panel show will follow, with its strapline ‘Straight Talking Starts Here’. Its presenter claims that there will be no stopping by she or her star guests.

“You say what you feel and you’re not following any one party. I don’t trust anyone. I don’t think anyone is out there for the right reason.”