J Balvin Shares He’s “Not An Afro-Latino” Post Winning Afro-Latino Artist Of The Year Award!

Jay Balvin Shares That He’s “Not An Afro-Latino” Who Has Won The Afro-Latino Artist Of The Year Award, Check Out! (photo credit – Instagram)

Singer Jay Balvin has admitted that he is not Afro-Latino despite winning the Afro-Latino Artist of the Year award at the 2021 African Entertainment Awards.

Following his controversial victory, the so-called Prince of Reggaeton has made his race clear, reports aceshowbiz.com.

“I’m not Afro-Latino,” Jay Balvin posted on his Instagram Story in Spanish after winning the award on December 26.

Jay Balvin continued, “But thank you for giving me a place in contributing to Afrobeat music and its movement.”

Meanwhile, the AE Awards have put out a statement explaining that the award is not specifically given on the basis of race, but is given to an artist’s contribution to “advancement of African culture on the world stage”. .

The statement posted on the organization’s official Instagram account read: “The Afro Latino category (Afro-Beat Latino Artists) is for any artist based in Latin America who is contributing to African culture, especially Afro globally. -beats sound. It’s not based on race but more importantly on taking African culture forward on the world stage.”

“Please remember that the nominees in this category were not in effect on the nominations or awards shows,” the organization continued to urge fans. “Instead of expressing dissatisfaction, let us encourage these artists to bridge the gap between Africa and Latin America. We are seeking your continued support, assistance and guidance in the enrollment process for 2022.”

Despite Jay Balvin’s explanation of the organization, many still took issue with the award recipient.

“is this a joke?” One user wrote. another said the Spanish, “She’s not Afro-Latino.”

A third claimed: “I am African. I have heard his music. there is nothing African About that man.” Someone else agreed, saying, “Take it back. Take it back. Take it back. That’s wrong.”

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