Jaadugar Director Sameer Saxena: “In A Country Of Over A Billion, Only …

Most sports films are biopics, ‘Jadugar’ is different: Director Sameer Saxena (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Sameer Saxena, director of the upcoming sports-drama ‘Jadugar’, has decoded his inspiration behind the story of the film.

“I have always wanted to do a sports-romantic film but wanted to set it in a world that has not been seen before. Most sports films are either biopics or about sportspersons playing for the country. But In a country of over a billion, only a handful of people get a chance to represent the country,” said Sameer Saxena.

“Most people play at the regional, colony or college level. Jaadugar is set in a world where office goers, shopkeepers, teachers, regular middle class people play football for fun in the inter-colony football tournament.

“They don’t have the best skills, but they put their heart into playing the game. It’s not about finesse, it’s about the fun of playing. The idea of ​​this world excited me to tell this very relatable sports story. ,

Sameer Saxena said: “When I thought about how people say ‘love is magical’, I realized that there could be a very intuitive connection between love, magic and football! And that’s how ‘Jaadugar’ came about. ‘

The film, starring Jitendra Kumar, Javed Jaffrey and Aarushi Sharma in the lead roles, will air on Netflix on July 15.

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