Monday, October 25, 2021

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    Jackie Collins Book ‘Lovers & Gamblers’ Getting TV Adaptation

    acclaimed author Jackie Collins‘best selling novel’ lover and gambler to be reworked for tv by Sarah Phelps, director of a host of BBC Agatha Christie adaptations.

    lover and gambler Also being executed by Phelps the bureau the creator federation Polly Williams and Ariel Gottlieb of UK. eOne is onboard as co-producer.

    The play is adapted from the 1977 New York Times bestselling novel of the same name, which examines the harsh void of greed and complex ideas surrounding self-determination, success, fame, freedom, and intimacy.

    lover and gambler “A terrifyingly rough piece,” said Phelps, who also adapted Agatha Christie And then there were none, the witnesses for the prosecution, the test of innocence, the abc murders And yellow horse For BBC1 and Amazon as part of a seven-show deal.

    “Jackie Collins was ahead of her time, her impeccable eye ruthlessly trained on the filthy conspiracies of politics and power and how the seeds for anarchy are sown after our own truth. lover and gambler It’s about flawed, damaged people who will do absolutely anything to get to the top, and ask what happens to you once you get there.”

    This news comes just 10 days before the British broadcaster BBC2 aired Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story From Passion Pictures, a 90-minute feature detailing the life story of the acclaimed author, who died of breast cancer in 2015.

    Federation UK will handle the international sale and the Jackie Collins estate is represented by UTA which negotiated the deal.

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