James Blunt Says He Had Been Lying To His Wife About Taking A Break From Tours

James Blunt ‘lyed’ about planning a career break (Photo Credits: Facebook/James Blunt)

Singer James Blunt is grateful that the coronavirus pandemic forced him to spend more time with his family because he spent so long promising his wife he would take a year off and knowing he wouldn’t.

Blunt said: “I’ve been on tour for 17 years and I was lying to my wife that I would take a year off and spend time at home – then the pandemic forced my hand. And it was wonderful. I got to do that. Felt very, very lucky to be able to.”

As reported by FemaleFirst.co.uk, she shared that keeping her personal life private is “an enigma”.

blunt Said: “I won’t even mention that I have kids but then my job is to write deeply personal things that people connect with because they share similar feelings. I find it incredibly hard to know where I stop.” I’m comfortable.”

The 47-year-old singer doesn’t think he’s the right person to ask for relationship advice, although he and Sofia have been together for nine years.

Blunt joked: “Maybe I’m not the person to ask about love because a lot of my songs are about lost love, love lapse or broken love. The secret to long lasting love? I know.” No. My father’s advice was, ‘Be kind to each other’, which seems to be common advice for all relationships.”

Blunt is “emotionally underdeveloped”, so pleased that his music gives him the opportunity to express his feelings.

He told Red Magazine: “I’m known for soppy, hyper-emotional music, so the notion of me not shedding tears sounds silly, but then again I’m an ex-military, pre-boarding school English guy, almost like me. There is no emotion attached to it. I am emotionally underdeveloped. But I capture what I feel through my songs.”

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