James Bond VS Ethan Hunt: One Of These 2 S*xy Super Spies Has A ‘Mission Impossible’ Ahead & The Other One Is Mr Hunt, Tom Cruise! Has 007 Lost The Plot?

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James Bond Vs Ethan Hunt: One of these 2 sexy super spies has ‘Mission Impossible’ ahead and the other is Mr Hunt Tom Cruise! (Photo courtesy-IMDB)

In a battle between two of Hollywood’s sexiest spies, James Bond and Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt, who do you think is winning the box office battle? Well, if you’re on Team #007, wait until you hear these stats.

One of the spies has ‘Mission Impossible’ ahead and the other is Mr. Hunt, Tom Cruise.

Let’s take an unusual route today and take a look at the stats for the last six films in the James Bond and Mission Impossible franchise and how they fared at the worldwide box office.

James Bond franchises (latest to top):

Title – Lifetime Gross – Release Date

1. No Time to Die – $760 million – October 8, 2021

2. Specter – $879 million – November 6, 2015

3. Skyfall – $1.1 billion – November 9, 2012

4. Quantum of Solace – $592 million – November 14, 2008

5. Casino Royale – $594 million – November 17, 2006

6. Die Another Day – $432 million – November 22, 2002

Mission Impossible Franchise (Latest to Top):

Title – Lifetime Gross – Release Date

1. Mission: Impossible – Fallout – $787 million – July 27, 2018

2. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – $689 million – July 31, 2015

3. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – $695 million – December 16, 2011

4. Mission: Impossible III – $399 million – May 5, 2006

5. Mission: Impossible 2 – $549 million – May 24, 2000

6. Mission: Impossible – $458 million – May 21, 1996

Collected from The Numbers, the above data is shouting some questions; We know many of you must have asked the same. Let’s go through the bottom of the list to analyze, pointing out some interesting observations.

The earliest was Mission Impossible (1996), released in 2002, with James Bond’s Die Another Day (The Pierce Brosnan Days) in 6th place. Despite being released six years before Die Another Day, Tom Cruise’s initial offering earned $458 million more than Bond’s $432 million. Round 1 goes to Ethan?

2000’s Mission Impossible 2 grossed $549 million versus 2006’s Casino Royale, which earned slightly more than $594 million. Mission Impossible was actually grossing more if you adjust for inflation.

2006’s Mission Impossible 3 and 2011’s Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol collected $399 million and $695 million, marking a 1.74x increase, but it’s where the James Bond franchise really peaked. 2008’s Quantum of Solace with $592 million and 2012’s $1.1 billion Skyfall marked a 1.86x increase, making it the highest-grossing Bond film of all time.

How did James Bond peak in 2012?

With the massive collection of $1.1 billion for Skyfall, the following two films, namely Specter (2015) and No Time to Die grossed $879 million and $760 million respectively. Specter was down about 20% compared to Skyfall, and No Time to Die further down to see a 30% drop in Bond-fatigue? the world knows no time to die would have gathered worse if not for Daniel CraigFarewell celebration

Is Tom Cruise Heading For Mission Impossible?

It was a slight drop if you compare 2015’s Rogue Nation ($689 million) to Ghost Protocol ($695 million), but Fallout hit the ball off the ground with $787 million, a whopping 14%+ jump.

Ahead of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part One scheduled for July 12 (clashing brutally with Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer), do you think it will record another leap towards Tom Cruise’s feat? Is James Bond lost somewhere, or will a new actor return? Lots of questions and lots of movies to come and answer them. The cinema connoisseur in us should be excited!

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