James Franco to star in post-World War II drama ‘Me, You’

James Franco to star in ‘Me, You’ (Photo Credits – Wikimedia)

Actor James Franco is set to star as Billy August in the post-World War II drama ‘Me, You’.

James franco As ‘Variety’ reports, Tom Hollander and Daisy Jacob will play “one of the lead roles” in the feature.

The play, ‘Me, You’, takes place on the Italian island of Ischia in the 1950s. It is here that 16-year-old Marco, on vacation from his secluded Scottish boarding school, befriends Nicola, a US GI fisherman.

The two spend hours sailing in the Bay of Naples while Nicola introduces her young friend to tales of war and the oceans.

But when Marco meets the mysterious 20-year-old Kaia (played by Jacob), he is thrilled and vows to seek revenge upon discovering that she has survived a concentration camp. Soon he is plotting to set fire to a villa occupied by a group of hapless German tourists in the hopes of winning Kaia’s love.

“Deeply gentle and bitter, ‘Me, You’ explores the raw beauty and tragedy of love, the age of innocence, and the bitter realities of war,” reads the official logline.

Hollander plays Edward, Marco’s father. Principal photography is scheduled to begin on location in Ischia in September 2022.

Greg Latter wrote the screenplay and the film is produced by Sean O’Kelly and Mark Hammond of Bikindo and Christaldi Pix.

Jade Ben Ammar and Leo Maidenberg will co-produce.

Brilliant Pictures is repeating global sales.

“I am excited to be involved in this phenomenal project and to work with the great Billy August,” James Franco said in a statement.

“I’m a big fan of his work and ‘Me, You’ is a really great script.”

Meanwhile, earlier, James Franco came into limelight after his name was dragged Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Drama. Heard is said to have had an affair with James. Even a footage of him arriving at her apartment the night before she filed for divorce from Johnny went viral.

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