Jamie Foxx Does Spot-On Voice Imitation Of Former President Donald Trump

close your eyes and you can almost imagine the scene of the former president Donald Trump Praise to Death Row Records. that is so nice Jamie FoxxA clip going viral has a copy of Trump.

was on foxx rap radar Podcast to promote your new Netflix Vampire movie, day shift, Which connects him with Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco and Peter Stormare. During the appearance, he broke his stance on Trump.

The two-time Oscar winner perfectly captured Trump’s distinctive voice, saying, “There are a lot of great people on both sides.” “I know Harry-O. He’s a great guy. He couldn’t vote for me at that time. Now he can vote for me after he’s out.

The bit was a reference to the reduced prison sentence of Michael “Harry-O” Harris, cofounder of Death Row Records, the major gangsta rap label of the 1990s. Snoop Dogg was influential in lobbying for the release.

“I love Snoop deo Double G,” Foxx said while channeling Trump. “great person.”

Podcast host Elliot Wilson asked, “Do you like Death Row Records?”

“I love Death Row Records. Excuse me! Excuse me!” Fox said, calming the room’s raucous laughter. “Fake news. I love Death Row.”

Foxx’s Trump later brought on COVID-19. “They tried to give me the virus,” he said. “I defeated the virus.”

In the end, Foxx returned to his voice. “They said ‘they’ tried to give them the virus. Who is it? they,