Jane Campion Speaks Out On ‘Coda’ After Oscars Surprise, Says Netflix May Be “Pickier” About Projects After Subscriber Fall

Jane Campion This year’s Oscars talks about its ‘snub’ for the first time – when his movie dog power was nominated for 12 awards but won just one, Himself as Best Director for Campion.

Campion was about the diplomat codaThe film that gave him the best picture told the BBC:

,with the academy it seemed that coda Truly captured the hearts of the people. It was an easy film to understand and, you know, that’s how it went and I am happy for them. ,

epic western that was streamed on Netflix It was Campion’s first feature film in more than a decade. She laughed at rumors that the streamer had offered her a budget of more than $30 million, but admitted that Netflix was the most generous of all the partners she approached.

Campion told the BBC: “The film couldn’t have been made without them because we took it to market and there was a lot of different people’s interest. But we had budgeted for the cost and only people who were willing to go to it. Well, they were Netflix.”

Following the recent drop in Netflix subscribers, the director said he fears the streamer will be more “picky” about the projects it chooses to fund, but won’t overlook its future projects:

“I don’t think it would be difficult for me if I wanted to do something because I’ve established a relationship and they’re incredibly loyal.”

At the recent Cannes Lions event, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Says Content Remains King for streaming platforms, and he was confident that Netflix would remain the only platform that offered something for everyone.