Japanese Filmmaker Handed 10-Year Prison Sentence In Myanmar

Japanese documentary filmmaker toru kubotawho was taken into custody myanmar In July, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the military-ruled Southeast Asian country. Japan Times Reports A junta-controlled court sentenced Kubota to three years for treason and seven years for breaches related to electronic communications, he is expected to serve simultaneous terms.

Kubota, 26, was initially arrested in late July during protests against the military in Yangon. At the time, it was reported that he faced charges of breaking an immigration law and encouraging dissent, Reuters reports.

To Japan Timesarmy claims Kubota, whose light up rohingya Won an AFP and student prize at the United for Peace Film Festival in 2016, entered the country from neighboring Thailand using a tourist visa, and was attending performances and communicating with protesters during filming.

Proceedings are still going on for his alleged violation of immigration law. The next hearing has been scheduled for October 12.

“We are asking the Myanmar authorities for an early release of Mr. Kubota and we want to continue to do so,” a Japanese ministry official said. according to Reuters.

response to reports, Amnesty International“With this latest decision, Myanmar’s military is cementing its reputation as one of the top jailers of journalists in the world,” said Ming Yu Ha, deputy regional director of the campaign. Filming a protest is not a crime. Myanmar The U.S. military must immediately release Toru Kubota and let him go home. It must also drop and release charges against all journalists arrested and sentenced for merely doing their jobs.”

Since the military overthrew an elected government in February last year, Myanmar’s government has arrested more than 15,000 people, including politicians, bureaucrats, students, journalists and photographers, and revoked broadcast licenses in an effort to quell dissent. have make. Earlier this year, the professional name Vine used was Hutton Jaw Win. Arrested A year after he escaped accusations of encouraging government employees to join protests against the local military regime.