Javed Akhtar Recalls How Congress & BJP Worked Unitedly On Copyright Law: “They All Got Together, Passed The Bill”

Javed Akhtar recalls how Congress and BJP worked jointly on copyright law (Photo Credits – Wikipedia)

Lyricist, poet and Bollywood’s famous Salim-Javed screenwriter duo, Javed Akhtar on Wednesday recalled their time in the Rajya Sabha and said how the Congress and the BJP in power at the Center worked together to pass the amendments. The Copyright Act of 1957 which he was supporting at the time.

Talking about his favorite memories of the city of Ghalib, he said: “My memories are of my time in the Rajya Sabha, where I tried to see how the government and the opposition united to change the laws of the country, and they did. “

Recalling those days at a book launch event in the capital, Javed Akhtar said: “Today, we creative people are eternally grateful to all those people… There was Sonia Gandhi and Kapil Sibal on one side, and Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj on the other. . They all came together and passed the bill, and established a law that is considered one of the finest copyright laws today, benefiting so many musicians, composers, and writers.

The book started by Javed Akhtar was launched by industrialist Sanjeev Saraf and is titled ‘Love, Longing, Loss in Urdu Poetry’. Saraf is the founder of Rekhta Foundation, a non-profit organization working to preserve and promote Urdu language and literature. Saraf’s brainchild, Jashn-e-Rekhta, was considered the most successful revival of the tradition of public mushairas before the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted Delhi’s cultural life.

Praising the book, which contains English translations of Urdu romantic poetry by Saraf, Akhtar said: “It is a work of great potential. Translating poetry is not an easy task. Even those less interested in poetry will appreciate it.”

Javed Akhtar on Rekhta said that this has given impetus to the art of ‘Shayari’. “It has taken Urdu poetry to those who cannot read the script but are interested and appreciate it.”

Commenting on the title of the book, Akhtar waxed lyrical. “Love,” he said, “is to find someone without whom you feel incomplete. Only that person makes you feel complete. That is love.”

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