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Although Pakistani cinema is on the path of revival, the film industry will not reach its full potential until we allow the products we create to be released and allow the audience to decide what they want. want to see and what to exclude. Our films go through rigorous scrutiny and many films are banned even without any serious reason given by the censor board. Javed Iqbal is one such film which has been banned ridiculously without any valid reason.

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Written and Directed by Javed Iqbal Abu Aliha. The film stars Yasir Hussain, Ayesha Umar, Rabya Kulsoom and many more and has received rave reviews and awards at various film festivals. Javed Iqbal is based on the life story of a serial killer who molested 100 boys, killed them and dismembered their bodies and was never caught but actually surrendered himself to the police.

Javed Iqbal gets release date after title change

The film has been hanging without release for months and now it is all set to release on 19th May 2023. Some scenes have been censored and the name of the film has been changed to Cookery as a result of the film being brought to the theatres.

Javed Iqbal gets release date after title change

Kukri aka Javed Iqbal is a much awaited film. Let’s see if it grabs the attention of the viewers or not!