Jennifer Aniston Is Really Dead? Friends Actress Falls Victim To Bizarre Death Hoax For The Second Time This Year, As Netizens Say, “Stop Believing What You See On The Internet”

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Jennifer Aniston’s bizarre death rumor has gripped the internet for the second time this year (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Many Hollywood celebrities have become victims of death rumors on the internet, and the latest public figure to start trending on social media because of the same is Jennifer Aniston. The Friends star quickly became the talk of the town when a fake report claimed that the actress had died. Scroll down to know the scoop.

On the work front, Jennifer Aniston was recently seen in Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2, alongside her close friend Adam Sandler. The actress is also actively working towards her entrepreneurial dreams as she recently unveiled her new partnership with Pvolve, a fitness brand that is also loved by celebrities like Olivia Culpo and Devon Windsor.

Talking about the Jennifer Aniston death rumour, according to The Sun, the fake news was first published by Mediamass – a site notorious for putting out fake stories. The trend caught fire on Facebook, which captioned the post “RIP Jennifer Aniston.” The bizarre death rumor claimed that Aniston passed away “on Wednesday (July 5, 2023) at approximately 11 PM ET.” However, the post turned out to be rumours. The fake news about Aniston’s death comes after similar news made headlines in March 2023.

Take a look at Jennifer Aniston’s latest death rumor:

A few months ago, the same site claimed that rapper Jay Z had died and even claimed that YouTube star Mr. Beast had passed away.

The post about Jennifer Aniston’s death read, “On Wednesday (July 5th 2023) at approximately 11am ET, our beloved actress Jennifer Aniston passed away. Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 in Los Angeles. He will be remembered but not forgotten. Please express your sympathy and condolences by commenting and liking this page.

To expose the truth, Jennifer Aniston is very much alive, healthy and hearty. She remains active on social media and was recently spotted in Los Angeles this week after a workout session.

Some social media users took to Twitter, with one user saying, “Stop believing what you see on the internet.” Another shared, “It’s always good to double check.” Another said, “I am shocked to hear about the passing of Jennifer Aniston. I saw it and it turned out to be a hoax.”

first hollywood stars like Jackie Chan, RihannaTom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others have been victims of death hoaxes in the past.

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