Jennifer Lopez Forced Google To Invent ‘Images’ With Her Sensually Iconic Versace Dress Pic Breaking The Internet For The First Time Ever!

When Jennifer Lopez’s green, leaf-print Versace dress was the key to starting Google Images (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most popular and favorite actresses of Hollywood industry. From her acting prowess during modeling to the way she presents herself as a true goddess, it is no wonder that she does everything from her heart. Although many people admire and follow her fashion sense, but do you know, Actress What is the reason behind the creation of Google Images Search?

If not then nothing to worry about, read on to know all the diets!

Well, it was 2000 when Jennifer Lopez wore a green, leaf-print dress by Versace to her appearance at the Grammys. Her sexy Versace outfit became one of the most searched pictures on Google. It is said that during that year, the Google search feed command was flooded with questions like “Ok Google, show me the Versace jungle dress”. The second most searched question was, “Ok Google, show me the original Versace jungle dress.”

this load of questions is over joloK’s flowing bohemian chiffon gown spawned one of the most famous and useful tools called Google Image Search. Talking about the story behind the creation of the ceremony, Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and executive chairman, said during the year 2015, “People wanted more than just text. This first became apparent after the 2000 Grammy Awards. , where Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress that caught the world’s attention. At the time, it was the most popular search query we’d ever seen. But we didn’t have a surefire way to get users exactly what they were looking for. Wanted: JLo was wearing that outfit. Google Image Search was born.”

However, the process of building Google Image Search was not done overnight. Achieving this wasn’t overnight, but Jennifer was a major reason for it, according to Kathy Edwards, Google Images’ director of engineering and product. Talking about the same Edward claimed, “It’s totally true, but it’s not even like it happened and the next day we said, oh, we should build an image search engine!” The director also admitted that the company was only two years old and had a very small team. Kathy also claimed that creating ‘image search’ was not a priority for Google at the time.

Later in the summer, Google hired a new face, Huican Zhu, who was an engineer and paired with Susan Wojcicki, who is currently the CEO of YouTube. After working together, Heuiken and Susan were successful in creating ‘Image Search’ and almost single-handedly launched it in July 2001.

Check out the re-version of Jennifer Lopez’s internet-breaking Versace dress.

Isn’t the whole story so interesting?!

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is all set to star in her upcoming film Marry Me, which is directed by Kat Coiro. The film is scheduled to release on 11 February 2022.

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