Jennifer Lopez Unveils New Music Project ‘This Is Me…Now’ On 20th Anniversary Of Her ‘This Is Me…Then’ Album

Jennifer LopezThe social media blackout has been lifted with the artist-actress-producer announcing a new music project This is me

announcement comes on the 20thth anniversary of her album, it’s me…againon which he wrote and produced.

The beginning of a new era of music for Lopez, this is me It will take forward the emotional, spiritual and psychological journey he has taken in the last two decades. It is billed as an emotionally raw and honest project, with a line-up of songs about her life and experiences. In addition, the autobiographical stories told by the album will result in other very personal projects that she will release in 2023.

this is me It will shed light on his difficult childhood, failed relationships and incredible emotional journey.

“This album is a vision, a reflection, an epochal moment. It’s about hope, faith and true love that never dies.

Lopez’s last album came out eight years ago in 2014. aka, She’s released singles and made it big, marry memovie soundtrack this year.

To date, she has released eight studio albums, one remix album, three compilation albums, one soundtrack, one extended play, 65 singles (including 14 as a featured artist), five charity singles, and 12 promotional singles.

As of this year, Lopez has sold over 80 million records with 15 billion streams worldwide.

Among the 13 singles from the new album are ditties such as “Dear Ben Petey”. II” and “Midnight Trip to Vegas” which is an allusion to her wedding ceremony to Oscar winner Ben Affleck in July. The original 2002 album contains the song “Dear Ben”, a ballad about Affleck, which was then was released while she was still dating him.

Take a look at the announcement on his Instagram that recreates his 2002 album cover in 2022: