Jersey: Anjum Batra On Getting Overwhelming Response For His Character: “Getting Calls From My Friends Whom I’ve Not Spoken To In 10 Years”

Overwhelmed by the response she is getting for her roles in Jersey, “My inbox is full of messages from loved ones” (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Actor Anjum Batra, who started his journey as a theater artiste, is happy with the response he is receiving from the audience, thanks to the appreciation he has been receiving for his film ‘Jersey’.

just like that83‘, his character in Shahid Kapoor’s film ‘Jersey’, is jovial, energetic and full of life.

On all the love and attention she is receiving, Anjum Batra shares: “The response I am getting from my friends and family is just overwhelming. I am getting a lot of calls from my friends whom I have not spoken to in 10 years. ,

Anjum Batra further added, “After watching the film he got so excited that he called me up and expressed his love. My inbox is really full of messages from loved ones and unknown people. It’s just magical.”

Anjum Batra continues: “As I don’t know ABC about cricket in real life but a close one of mine said that two cricket related films (’83’ and ‘jersey‘), I can actually play the next IPL season and hit 6 sixes in an over because of the enthusiasm I have shown for cricket in these films. Everyone loved the humor I brought to the screen with my presence.”

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