Jesse Tyler Ferguson Says ‘Take Me Out’ Photo Leak Hasn’t Hurt His Bond With Broadway Audiences: “That Was One Person”

Jesse Tyler Fergusonwho won the Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in take me outCast member’s nude photo leaked Jesse Williams A performance has made him no less relatable to Broadway audiences.

Cell phone videos, shot of spectators and then posted on social media, angered the theatres, Actors Equity and Ferguson, despite measures taken at Second Stage Theaters to block access to phones. Last month, theater told Deadline that it would install infrared technology For the purpose of detecting the malfunction of the cellphone.

,take me out There’s a very unique drama that features shower scenes and celebrities – I don’t think they both get on stage very often, Ferguson replied when asked in the press room if the episode could reduce the connection with those in the seats. Will give , “Maybe we’ll see an increase of those plays, though, who knows?”

The advent of technology is partly to blame, he continued. “Broadway has definitely changed. I have been in this business for 25 years and it has changed a lot since I first started,” Ferguson said. “Cell phones make things a little bit tricky but We were in a very unique situation. It was an isolated incident and I definitely love and trust all my theater going fans as much as I did before. He was a person. ,

Perhaps it was the result of winning a major award (which Ferguson described as an “out-of-body experience”), but the actor’s comments were dialed down a few notches from his initial reaction a month earlier.

“I am amazed at the disrespect our company has shown to actors whose on-stage vulnerability is ever significant. take me out,” Ferguson tweeted earlier this spring. “For anyone who appreciates or despises this behavior, there is no place in a theater that has always been a safe place for cast and audience members Is.”

take me out It also won Best Revival of a Play. When a large group of artists, including Williams and Ferguson, as well as non-stars from the show, made an appearance in the press room, they were not asked about the photo leak.