Jesse Williams Talks ‘Take Me Out’ Nude Leak: “Theater Is A Sacred Space”

Jesse Williams has talked about the leak of a nude scene from its Broadway revival take me outSaying he’s “not down” about it.

“Our job is to be there every night, no matter what… I’m not really worrying about it. I can’t sweat that,” Williams told the Associated Press in his program on Thursday Tony Awards: Meet the Nominees,

The actor said that actors “need to continue advocating” for themselves, and that it is “wonderful” to see their community “pushing back” and that it is clear what type of behavior it will not stand for. “Consent is important, I thought,” he said. “So, let’s take this universally into account.”

Williams said that while “theater is a sacred place,” not everyone understands it. “Not everyone necessarily respects or respects that maybe they should, or we would like to,” he continued.

In Richard Greenberg’s play, Williams plays Darren Lemming, a pro baseball player who struggles after coming out as gay. His performance recently earned him a Tony Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play with co-stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Michael Oberholtzer, as well as a production nomination for Best Revival.

When Williams T. Videos and photos ofack me out After the nude scenes were leaked online, the show’s venue, Second Stage Theater, responded by calling the move “highly objectionable” and noting that it could have “serious legal consequences”, also sharing that Will bring to “additional staff”. So that such violation never happens again. (Instead of locking the phone during the show, the theater already had a means, which the leaker managed to circumnavigate.)

The leak was also responded to by Kate Schindl, president of the Actors Equity Association, who called it “sexual harassment and a horrific breach of consent.”