Jessica May in an Uzbek movie | Turkish Series: Teammy

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jessica may

Brazilian-Turkish actress Jessica May is preparing to take part in an ambitious project backed by the Uzbekistan government. The name of the film is “Ulugh Amir and Donna Maria”, directed by Yalkin Tuychiev and produced by Kangaroo Production. Yalkin Tuichiev himself is a two-time Oscar nominee and recipient of the prestigious Busan Award.

The plot of the film “Ulug Emir and Dona Maria” takes us back to the 15th century and interweaves the destinies of Princess Dona Maria, who finds herself as a concubine in Bursa’s harem. Turk Sultan, and Maria, who lives in the modern world. The captivating tale will be shot across various locations including Samarkand, Mardin, Istanbul and Ankara. Currently, the casting process is underway for the roles in the film.