Jiivi 2: Director V.J. Gopinath Reveals Writing The Script Of The Sequel In 2 Just Days

GV 2: Director VJ Gopinath opens up about writing the script for the sequel (Photo Credits – VJ Gopinath/Twitter)

Director VJ Gopinath, whose film ‘Jeevi’ received immense appreciation from both the audience and film critics, says he has completed the script of the film. result In just a matter of two days.

‘GV’ starring actors Vetri and Karunakaran in lead roles was released in 2019 and received a lot of critical acclaim.

The premise of the story is based on the triangle theory which is about a series of events occurring in one person’s life that repeat themselves at a different place in another person’s life. The protagonist understands this situation and tries to stop the chain of events.

“At the end of part one, the protagonist’s friend asks him whether the theory is over or will it continue to exist. This is where the story of ‘Jeevi 2’ begins,” reveals Gopinath.

“Immediately after the success of ‘JeeV’, I had to work with Vishnu Vishal and even got a story cleared. However, the huge impact of the pandemic turned everything upside down for a few years. With some of his projects rescheduled, Vishnu Vishal had to focus on other work and requested me to do a quick project in the meantime.

“It was then that Big Print Pictures IB Karthikeyan suggested that I try to make a sequel to ‘GV’. However, we had made the first part without thinking of the possibility of making a sequel. When I decided to make a sequel to writer Babu Tameez’s next. Sharing his thoughts about the episode, he said that it was not possible to imagine a plot. However, producer Karthikeyan kept motivating me. It took me 15 days, but finally completed the story in a few days.

“By this time, IB Karthikeyan was busy with the production of his latest release Clap. When it spread that I had created a unique and interesting story for ‘Jeevi 2’, Suresh Kamachchi, the producer of ‘Manadu’ got interested and stepped into it.”

Vetri, Karunakaran, Ashwini Chandrasekhar, Rama, Rohini, Mime Gopi, ‘Aruvi’ fame Thirunavukarasu, who played minor roles in the first part, are all reprising their characters. resultWhich has been shot.

Presently the post production work of the film is going on.

While Babu Tamiz wrote the story and dialogues for ‘Jeevi’, Gopinath himself wrote the story for ‘Jeevi 2’.

The same technical crew that made ‘GV’ has been retained for ‘GV 2’.

Praveen Kumar is the director of photography for the film, with music by KS Sundaramurthy and editing by Praveen KL.

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