Jim Carrey death hoax: Hollywood legend’s fans vent ire online after fake video with his last words go viral

Jim Carrey has come under another death trap. yes, believe it or not, present jim carrey death hoax actually second of its kind, only this time many Jim Carrey fans Also other neutral observers fell prey to the distasteful trick because of its sheer manipulative content. this latest death hoax of Jim Carrey follows a similar hoax hollywood starsMusicians and players who have made their way online since the beginning COVID-19 The pandemic, and simply refuses to die, exposes the amount of sick minds on the internet. Also read- Tejashwi Prakash’s redemption in Naagin 6, Kundali Bhagya’s new twist impresses fans – Watch 10 most liked TV shows of the week

Origin of the Jim Carrey Death Hoax

So how did such a sick joke start the second time around and why was it so believable this time? Well, it all started with a video that started circulating on YouTube and Twitter, which we will not share here for ethical reasons. The video was edited so smartly that anyone could see Jim Carrey’s The final word and hundreds fell for it, with Twitter and other social media platforms flooding with hearts. Mourning. However, after finding out that it was a sordid joke, many users returned to blast the video with a scathing reaction. See one such example below: Also read- Ghoom Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein: Fans lash out at the creative after Ayesha Singh aka Sai was labeled as barren, barren; Say, ‘Could she get hit by a truck please’ [Read Tweets]

Hollywood celebrity death hoax

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that a Hollywood icon and his/her fans have fallen prey to the death hoax, with the numbers increasing at an alarming rate of late. Recently, the rumor of death also spread like fire in the forest. Jennifer Lopez And Adam Sandler among others. An even bigger problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to put an end to it, especially with impunity derived from untraceable accounts behind the anonymity of a keyboard. Word has it that the numbers are rising as such death hoaxes bring good coinage to the virtual world. Also read- Shehnaaz Gill to Lokesh Kumari: The sweeping transformation of reality TV show stars will make your jaw drop on the floor

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