Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Teams With Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company To Make Puppets For Stage Show Based On Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘My Neighbour Totoro’

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Animatronics and Visual Effects Studio in Los Angeles has teamed up with UK Royal Shakespeare Company Legendary Japanese animator to build life-size puppets for RSC’s stage adaptation Hayao Miyazakihand drawn classic of 1988 Totoro my neighbor,

RSC’s most ambitious project to date – more than original productions of the award-winning theater company’s musical Les Miserables And Matilda the Musical – My Neighbor Totoro Now creatives are working on it in locations in London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

The show will feature the score that composer Joe Hisashi composed for the film, as well as additional music that was not used in the film.

Totoro my neighbor

Set in 1950s Japan, the story follows the adventures of Satsuki and Mei, young sisters who move from downtown Tokyo to the countryside. Once there they encounter spirits and terrifying creatures. Two furry ones capture their imaginations: a giant fluffy creature known as Totoro and an arrogant cat bus that collects interested passengers and then flies into the sky.

Special attention is being paid to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, part of which Jim Henson Company, to those two mysterious creatures. Felim McDermott, co-artistic director of theater company Improbable, is directing the show and declined to tell Deadline how the cat bus will fly. “It’s the magic of the theater,” as much as he will allow.

The puppets being created at the Creature Shop are based on designs by Basil Twist, one of the UK’s most innovative puppet artists. Melvin Miller of Britain’s state-of-the-art Vital Puppet studio – it produced puppets for the National Theater production war Horse and RSC’s recent magician’s elephant will create additional puppets for Totoro my neighbor,

Peter Brooke, creative supervisor for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (where the characters Muppets, Sesame Street and other shows and movies are made) said in a statement released through RSC: “We know all too well the importance of maintaining the visual style and individuality of beloved characters.

“Whether an audience member is a longtime fan of this iconic story, or new to the fantasy world of Miyazaki, they will simply be amazed when they see these magical creatures live on stage in a whole new way. My Neighbor Totoro.”

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Is Working on 'My Neighbor Totoro'
John Criswell, animatronics supervisor at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Los Angeles, working on RSC’s “My Neighbor Totoro”
JP Morgan/RSC

The show will take place over an initial 15 weeks at the Barbican in London, with performances from October 8 to January 21, 2023. Tickets are selling well and there is a lot of talk about its potential here in London. Totoro my neighbor Transfer from the Barbican to the West End. Just where it will go is, for now, at least, a mystery due to the fact that it is spoken for a house big enough to take.

Certainly, a possible theater, The Prince Edward, is spoken very well for. musical Mary Poppins With Hot Tips To Change It Off Broadway’s Musical, Sometime Next Year Is Possibly Its Longest Run Not Too Proud: The Life and Times of Temptations After MJ: The Musical.

Totoro my neighbor It is being executive produced by Hisashi with RSC in partnership with Studio Ghibli in association with Improbable and Nippon TV’s live event operation.

Playwright Tom Morton-Smith in the creative team (oppenheimer), Tom Pai (Production Design), Kimi Nakano (Costume), Jessica Hung Han Yoon (Lighting), Alien Content (Associate Director) and Yu-Rei Yamanaka (Movement). Will Stuart wrote new orchestration for Hisashi’s score, which will be performed live with sound design by Tony Gale.

Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films have become extremely popular since Netflix started streaming 21 of his films in February 2020, just before the pandemic lockdown.