Joe Biden Drives His “Old Corvette” For Appearance On ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’

President Joe Biden Trekked to Beltsville, MD, this afternoon to tape an appearance with jay leno and his show Jay Leno’s garage.

“It was really cool. It was even more fun driving my old Corvette,” Biden later told reporters.

Biden at a Secret Service Facility, James J. Rowley went to the training center.

The president said he “also talked about how electric cars are going to change the very nature of our environment.”

He also said that he got to drive the Ford Lightning. “He was a fast SOB,” Biden said.

Biden has previously appeared on the show. In 2016, she and Colin Powell ran each other in his Corvette. “I’ve always loved to drive,” Biden said on the case, “I shouldn’t say it on television, but I love speed.” He said he once “buried” his Corvette, which reached speeds of 160 mph.

Leno endorsed Biden in 2020 and headlined fundraisers for his presidential campaign. In a bar, he compared Biden’s speech to that of George Bailey, Jimmy Stewart’s character after his victory in the South Carolina primary. it’s a wonderful life, Leno said it was like “when the whole town realizes he’s actually a decent person. If they ever do a remake of that movie, I think we all know who plays Mr. Potter.” Will perform.

Biden also performed The Tonight Show with Jay Leno When Leno hosted the show. Jay Leno’s Garage has appeared on CNBC since 2015.