Friday, October 22, 2021

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    Joe Russo Talks Film Biz Future: “I Don’t See A Resurgence Of Independent Movies At Theaters” – MIA Market

    Joe Rousseau, known for his collaborations with brother Anthony on Marvel blockbusters Avengers: Infinity War And avengers: endgame, spoke today about moving out of the studio system with the formation of his indie company AGBO, and the future of the theatrical biz in the streaming age.

    to appear in person during Rome Film Festival‘s miya market, Russo told Skybound Entertainment’s Sean Mackiewicz that he isn’t expecting a return to cinema for indie films, and instead expects this kind of content to have a future in the digital space.

    “I don’t see a resurgence of independent films in theaters, I don’t,” the producer insisted. “You get more money for making them digitally. Greenlighting for Netflix is ​​the easiest thing to do and nobody really bothers you [creatively]. Movies are about to evolve, I’m not sure what theater will look like, but I know it’s going to be more premium. “

    After working so successfully on his Marvel films in the studio space, russo brothers Founded his own banner, AGBO, in 2016 to produce a slate of his own film and TV projects. The company is working across the entertainment spectrum including streaming projects like Netflix.extraction), Amazon (stronghold), and Apple TV+ (cherry), as well as studios including Paramount (under cover) and Disney (super strong man) and indie distributors such as A24 (everywhere together); It’s just naming a few examples of work coming out of an already prolific company.

    Rousseau stated that he got the idea to be in an exclusive relationship with a distributor “disabled” and that the two had created their own banner to facilitate their storytelling. “It Hurts Your Leverage [having an exclusive deal], forces you to make choices you don’t want to make,” he remarked.

    The producer spoke about his admiration for international material, explaining that all of his favorite material for the past five years came from “outside Hollywood”.

    “What’s fascinating to me is that we start hearing from voices other than Hollywood. If you operate in a regional market it’s important that you be there to foster local talent.” “On a personal level I’m more interested in the diversity of storytelling—the world is a better place when more diverse voices are heard.”

    He sings the Korean phenomenon of Netflix squid game to praise, and that zero zero zero And amora Producer Cattleya is his “favourite producer in the world”.

    On working outside of Hollywood, he said, “The actors are coming from this point of view that’s not influenced by the machine.” “Audiences are excited about the regional content.”

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