Johnny Depp Helped Lily-Rose Depp’s Alleged R*pist Walk Free By Stopping The Investigation Against Him?

Johnny Depp reportedly stopped Lily-Rose Depp’s r*pist from going to jail (Photo Credits – Instagram; IMDb)

Every day some or the other news keeps coming out about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Both the stars are in constant discussion since the defamation case. More details have been made public, from Heard’s rumored s*x parties to Depp allegedly drugging his ex Ellen Barkin before having the s*x.

Now according to the latest reports Pirates of the Caribbean The star has been accused of helping a man who allegedly helped his daughter Lily-Rose Depp by not letting her go for failing. Keep reading for the deets!

As for the unversed, previously, some court papers were sealed containing tons of dirty details about Johnny Depp. One of them was that they refused to investigate a 23-year-old who was accused of statutory r*pe of Lily-Rose Depp, who was a minor at the time.

“He was being investigated by the Department of Family Services and the LAPD. I don’t know what the allegations were specifically, but she (Lily Depp Rose) was 15, and I believe the boyfriend was 23, and they’re living next to her in one of her condos town Johnny Depp “meeted with both the LAPD and the Department of Family Services, and no charges were filed, and I asked him afterwards. I said, well, ‘you couldn’t tell them the truth’. And he just smiled,” according to Geo News.

Although no names were revealed, back in 2015 Lily was in a relationship with model Ash Stymest. Their age difference of 8 years caught his attention. When the two were dating, the news broke depp was against their relationship.

However, Lily-Rose Depp chose to date against Johnny Depp’s wishes. She broke up with Ash in 2018.

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