Johnny Depp Seeking Settlement In ‘City Of Lies’ Assault Lawsuit, Has 45 Days To Fulfil The Conditions – Reports

Johnny Depp was sued by the location manager of the City of Lies (Photo Credits – IMDb)

Johnny Depp is surrounded by all the good, the bad and the ugly at the moment. The actor is not only releasing new songs, and signing new movies (after a long time) but is also busy fighting several court battles. His infamous legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard has been watched by the whole world and the outcome is in his favor. But it looks like there are more and the actors are taking steps to settle them. Yes, we are talking about City of Lies Row.

for the formless, baby boy The lawsuit was filed by a member of the crew from the set of City of Lies, who alleged that the actor punched her in his ribs while intoxicated. The matter is in court and is going on for two years. There has also been news from Depp. but it seems actor Now trying to settle it.

Yes, as per the latest reports from The Hollywood Reporter, Johnny Depp is trying to settle the City of Lies attack trial and has even gotten the deadline to complete the settlement. Read on to know everything you need to know about the same.

It was in 2018 when City of Lies location manager Greg “Rocky” Brooks alleged that Johnny Depp, while intoxicated, punched her twice in the ribs and yelled at her and offered her $100,000 to hit her back. . Brooks was fired after he promised not to make sure the actor. He even alleged that Depp used to take drugs on set. Script supervisor Emma Danoff later came to Johnny’s defense, saying that Depp confronted Brooks when he abused a homeless woman. Which Brooks denied.

However, Johnny Depp is now seeking settlement and has also taken the legal route for it. The actor has 45 days from the day of settlement to fulfill the terms of the deal. The filing for dismissal will take place after that. “The terms of the Settlement Agreement dismiss the matter upon satisfactory completion of the specified conditions which are not done within 45 days of the date of settlement,” the filing reads. “The dismissal request will be filed no later than 1/5/2023.”

It seems that Johnny Depp is aiming for the future without any fuss and thus is making things around him as clean as possible. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more information.

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