Johnny Depp’s Pal Robert Downey Jr Called Him To Congratulate Over Win Against Amber Heard & Said “John, Thank God It’s Over”

Robert Downey Jr calls up Johnny Depp after the Amber Case verdict (Photo Credits: Wikipedia)

Johnny Depp has received immense support from many fans and celebrities during his trial against Amber Heard over the past few weeks. One person who remained associated with the actor from the very beginning is Robert Downey Jr. Rumors were rife earlier that RDJ tried to bring Depp on Sherlock Holmes 3 to revive his career, which was lost due to Heard’s claims.

for the unknown, when aquaman The actress leveled allegations against JD, he got out of several deals and lost work because of him. then he gave a slam $50 million The defamation suit against him happened last month, and Johnny won the case.

While Johnny Depp is celebrating that by holding concerts and going out to fancy dinners, his friend Robert Downey Jr. calls him to congratulate the star. According to The New York Post, Pirates of the Caribbean The actor’s close friend Josh Richman revealed the FaceTime conversation that took place between the two friends after JD won the Amber Heard case.

“John, thank God it’s over,” said Robert Downey Jr. Josh also revealed that Johnny Depp was “fooling” in a hotel room in the UK while his friends and staff cried and screamed around him when the Amber Heard case was decided. Meanwhile, Heard, who is still the target of trolls, recently opened up about the trial for the first time.

While Robert Downey Jr. was congratulating Depp, the actress talked about the hatred she received on social media and said that if someone thinks she’s lying, they can’t look her in the eyes and say no. Can. He also said that the representation of social media has been unfair.

Amber Heard further said that she does not blame the jury and that people think they know her. He also called Johnny Depp a “great actor”.

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