Jon Stewart Makes It Clear He Will Not Run For President In 2024

His name was doing the rounds on social media about who could be a possible candidate for the presidency in 2024. Stewart has made it clear that he is not interested.

His name was floating around due to rumor mongers on social media Tucker Carlson Can be a future candidate. politician Wrote an opinion piece where the author suggested Stewart enter the presidential race to run against Carlson.

After tweeting his indifference to the political situation, Stewart highlighted the fact that Republican Senator Pat Tomei shut down the veterans’ health care bill. This has been his priority for years.

“But while I have your attention, can you all (including news organizations) please ask Pat Tommy why he is single-handedly blocking a veterans health care bill that passed with overwhelming bipartisan support on a technical Is?” He has written. “Ask for 3.5 million friends.”