‘Josep’ Comedy Pilot Not Going Forward, ABC Hopes To Redevelop Project Starring Jo Koy

abc half an hour has passed on your pilot josephcomedian starring Joe Koyu, While ABC is not going ahead with the current pilot, the network is looking to air a comedy aired by Brass Coy. Asha is to reinvent the idea, built around Coe playing a character based on himself. It’s too early to say whether that will happen and whether the current creative team will be involved but the intention is to stay in business with Coy.

20th TV-Produced josep, Which is said to have had funny moments, but didn’t quite deliver, with the comedian attempting to navigate dating, parenthood, and a very Filipino mom as a recently divorced Filipino American nurse , who likes to “help”.

Steve Joe, Randall Park and Michael Golmko were writer-executive producers. joseph Melvin Marr, who has been the project’s driver, Courtney Kang, Jake Kasdan, Hugh Ho, Coe and their manager Joe Meloche.