Juhi Parmar Walks Out Of Barbie In The First 15 Minutes, Slams The Makers For S*xual Connotations For Kids, Netizens Troll Her Saying “It’s Your Mistake”

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Juhi Parmar came out of Barbie in first 15 minutes, got trolled (Photo Credits- Instagram)

Recently, TV actress Juhi Parmar, who is famous for her TV show Kumkum, took to social media to write an open letter about the recently released Hollywood film Barbie. The film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, has been an audience favorite since its theatrical release despite Christopher Nolan’s clash with Oppenheimer. The film is doing well at the box office and is being appreciated worldwide.

Juhi took to Insta to write an open letter on the Margot Robbie starrer film, revealing that she had gone to watch the film with the kids and left within 15 minutes. He criticized it for its use of inappropriate language and sexual connotations. However, this long post has backfired for the actress as netizens are criticizing the actress for not doing her research before going into the film.

Juhi Parmar’s four page long post begins with, “”I begin by admitting my mistake, I took my 10 year old daughter Samaira to watch your movie without researching the fact that it was a “PG-13″ movie. 10 minutes into the movie, inappropriate language, sexual connotations and I was anxiously running out of the theater wondering what I had just shown my child. She was looking forward to seeing your film and what I presented to her here left me shocked, disappointed and heartbroken.” And ended by saying, “A worried and disappointed parent.”

Soon after her post made headlines, netizens criticized Juhi Parmar for being an irresponsible parent. One user wrote, “Barbie was never made into a children’s film. This is for the generation that grew up with Barbie…maybe the millennials,” while another said, “Yeah, instead of posting reviews based on 10-15 minutes of the movie, maybe try watching the whole thing and then form an opinion?” Also you didn’t give any example in your entire post of what was inappropriate in the movie. The reason it’s PG-13 is because Barbie is a functioning adult and the themes in the movie are too deep for a child to ever understand. The only reason you’re offended is that they showed Barbie as a real woman and not just the idealized idea you’re feeding your kids. If you had watched the whole thing (with or without your kid) you would have been able to write a more intellectual review than this post.

A third netizen wrote, “This is the saddest post ever…” This is not a disney movie… I have been the biggest fan of barbie.. and have a 12 year old girl.. but never in my wildest dreams would I think of taking her to see the movie especially after watching the promos… why didn’t you do better research?????”

A fourth commented, “It was clear from the trailer that this is not a child-friendly film directed by Greta.” Margot Robbie. You should have known that.”

While a fifth wrote, “It’s your fault you ignored even the trailer… This movie is great… Just because it’s called Barbie… Irresponsible parents like you put it in a movie where you ignored your research… So first of all stop being ignorant parents…”

“Sorry to say but all you actresses serials have promoted some things which you have mentioned here. In my childhood, I saw all you serial actresses doing things that were not suitable for family time. I think you guys should at least complain,” the sixth user said.

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