Julia Roberts Feels ‘Cringed’ By Friends’ ‘Chandler’ Matthew Perry’s Romantic Confessions In His Book, Reports State She’s “Embarrassed & Disappointed”

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Julia Roberts Feels “Cringed” For Matthew Perry’s Romantic Confessions (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Hollywood diva Julia Roberts needs no special mention. His acting skills and his hit movies are enough to tell us who he is. Julia is known for her versatile acting chops, however, she met actress Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing on the set of Friends, and according to reports, they parted ways for a short time. Matthew shares their fiery “3 month relationship” in detail in his memoir and now, Julia has reacted to the same. Scroll down to get the scoop.

In Perry’s book, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, he revealed that Julia and their relationship began in 1995 after she was cast as Susie Moss in an episode of Friends.

Now, a close source Julia Roberts The actress shared how she felt after reading about Matthew’s confession in her book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing. The source told Closer magazine, “Julia is embarrassed and disappointed that Matthew details his fling. This is by Matthew looking for glam soundbites to fill out his book and that’s not how Julia rolls. Is. “

Julia Roberts is now married to Daniel Moder and is the mother of three children. The insider further claimed, “She’s very old school about her privacy – you never see her kiss and gush about her ex. It made her cringe.”

The source further added that Julia Roberts is overjoyed to learn that Matthew is now healthy and calm. The insider added, “She knows how badly she struggled and appreciates that she has shown the courage to seek help and encourages others to learn from her cautionary tale. Julia just wants it to be her life.” Don’t get dragged into the story.”

Matthew, on the other hand, wrote a very detailed version of their short-lived relationship. According to his book, when Matthew learned from producers that Julia had accepted the role, if only Chandler’s character was involved, he sent her three dozen red flowers. Then after a five-hour long phone call, Julia came to his door and their relationship began, which lasted only 3 months.

Matthew Perry further recorded that he left Julia Roberts because she “of course she was going to break up”. [him],

Well, what are your thoughts on Julia Roberts’ reaction to Matthew’s confession in her memoir? let us know!

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