Jungkook warming up on PSY X Suga’s That That to his struggle with ‘Tangled’ – BTS from JK’s Left and Right recording

bangtan tv aka dropped a behind-the-scenes video bts bts member jungkookRecording Charlie Puthu and his latest single, left and right, And the new episode of Bangtan TV is adorable and full of excitement. bts’ golden corn is exceptionally hardworking, you all already know, army, And this behind-the-scenes video of BTS’ Jungkook will repeat the same. Let’s check out Jungkook’s unforgettable moments from his Left and Right recordings. Also read- BTS: Kim Taehyung Thanks Dancers For Entertaining Other Bangtan Boys & More — 5 Moments From The Grammys To The V That ARMY Can’t Stop Talking About

Jungkook grapples with the term ‘tangled’

Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, is still learning English and had to struggle with some words and sentences. Jungkook was seen rehearsing the pronunciation of the word ‘tangled’ and singing the poem over and over again. It shows how much he wants it to be perfect for Cena and all the fans, even if he is pronouncing the word correctly. Also read- Trending Hollywood News Today: Lindsay Lohan spreads marriage rumours; Jungkook and Charlie Puth in a BL relationship and more

Jungkook is warming up to the That’s choreography

In between recording Left and Right, Jungkook was seen warming up to PSY and Suga’s That’s It. While listening to his take, he choreographed that hookstep. It must have been only a few days since That That was released and he already knew Koryo. Jungkook is a really fast learner. Also read- Trending Entertainment News Today: Criticism of the poster of Kali with Goddess smoking, top Bollywood actress having trouble adjusting to in-laws and more

Jungkook is rehearsing ‘n’ times to fix it

Jungkook works hard and never gets tired of it. He will keep rehearsing until he is satisfied with the take and will keep working on giving his best. Jungkook of BTS was seen rehearsing a lot, working on his accent, pronunciation and feeling right.

Jungkook praises Charlie Puthu

Everyone knows Jungkook is a big fan of Charlie Puth and his music. This time JK was seen praising Charlie for doing something different and approaching him for a song. He talked about how Charlie’s music inspired him and expressed his gratitude for getting this opportunity.

Jungkook entertains ARMYs with opera versions of Left and Right

Between recordings left and right, Jungkook went into opera mode and sang in that style. The video editors of Bangtan TV gave witty captions saying that it is for ARMY’s entertainment.

Jungkook struggles with ‘I Can Feel You Over Here’

Like his struggle with the mangled word, Jungkook also struggled to get the right feel for “I can feel you listening.” He kept rehearsing and taking his producer’s opinion. This shows how passionate he is about his work. Check out the video here:

Meanwhile, recently, Charlie Puth confirmed fan theories about left- and right-wing BL being a song. ARMY believes that Charlie and Jungkook’s Left and Right was about gay love for a long time. The LGBTQ community was happy that they made a song on it.

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