Justice Department Opposes Release Of Affidavit Used In Search Of Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Property

In their filing, lawyers for the Justice Department wrote that “the affidavit will serve as a roadmap for the government’s ongoing investigation, providing specific details about its direction and possible course, thereby compromising future investigation steps.” Furthermore, information on witnesses is particularly sensitive given the high-profile nature of the case and the risk that disclosure of the identities of witnesses would affect their willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

In its filing, the DOJ also cited threats received by law enforcement personnel, including a man who was killed last week after an incident in which he tried to break into the FBI’s Cincinnati office. There has been a surge in politically violent rhetoric online, while Trump and his allies have attacked the Justice Department and the FBI, accusing them of politicization. Christopher Wray, FBI Director and Trump-appointed issued a statement last week Condemning the threats.

On Monday, Trump gave An interview to Fox News Digital In which he raised his voice against the searches but also said, “Whatever we can do to help – because the temperature in the country has to be brought down. If this does not happen then terrible things are going to happen.” In the interview, Trump suggested again that the evidence could have been imposed, without presenting actual evidence that it was. And later, on his social media platform Truth Social, he claimed that the FBI “stole three of my passports (one expired) and everything else.”

Trump has made separate defenses for keeping classified material, claiming that he has declassified it, even though he has not come forward with a record of doing so, and classified information in Chicago on his predecessor, Barack Obama. also accused of possessing But the National Archives quickly issued a statement saying they had taken possession of Obama’s presidential record after he stepped down in 2017.

The search warrant is just a legal investigation before Trump or his associates. rudy giulianiU.S. attorney told the AP and other outlets that he was informed by the Fulton County special prosecutor that Giuliani is the target of an investigation by prosecutors in Georgia as they investigate Trump’s attempt to reverse the 2020 election results in that state. . Giuliani has been directed to appear before the grand jury on Wednesday. Giuliani appeared before state lawmakers in December 2020, claiming there was video evidence of an election worker carrying a suitcase of ballot papers. But Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Riffensperger, quickly offered a response, dismissing the claim.

Giuliani, who represented Trump as his lawyer, told Newsmax on Monday that “the statements made were either attorney-client prerogative, because they were between me and him, or to defend him on his behalf.” When you are turning lawyers into defendants, when they are defending their clients, we are starting to live in a fascist state.”