Kaan Urgancıoğlu revealed about an unexpected wedding | Turkish Series: Teammy

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Kan Urgancioglu

Kan Urgancioglu’s unexpected wedding has shocked his fans and the Turkish press. The actor a day earlier met reporters and answered their questions about his upcoming film and personal life.

Kan Urgancioglu, who was seen on the streets of Istanbul, announced that the shooting of the second part has started. Netflix The film “You Keep Living” titled “You’ll Grow Up” will debut on July 20. melissa real pamuk has joined the cast of the film. It would be a great story about a father and son. He is very excited about the upcoming film.

When asked about his sudden marriage, the actor also admitted that it was a surprise for his family as well. They were aware of the plans of the earl and his beloved Berku Denizer, but they did not know that it would happen so soon. Kan also mentioned that they wanted a simple wedding, so they simply filmed a wedding video and shared it with their families. Overall, the wedding celebration leaves him exhausted. He plans to throw a party for friends and family afterward.