Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii Fame Shweta Kawaatra ‘Wanted To Kill Herself’ After Suffering From Postpartum Depression For Five Years, Reveals Ila Arun

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Ila Arun revealed that actor Shweta Kawatra was suicidal as she was battling postpartum depression (Picture Credit: Shweta Kawatra/Instagram and IMDb)

We say Pallavi and you would probably remember the curly haired vamp from Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, played to the hilt by actor Shweta Kawatra. However, over the years his name would have gone into oblivion which was an unfortunate choice he had to make.

Recently, while promoting her next project, actress Ila Arun spoke about how her close friend Shweta wanted to kill herself and she struggled with the feeling for five years. Shweta was battling postpartum depression and it took her five years to fight it.

Her journey was heartbreaking but the actress took it one day at a time. Shweta Kawatra is married to Manav Gohil and they have a 10 year old daughter. Scroll down to read about her difficult journey where she struggled to live hard and kill herself while embracing motherhood.

Ila Arun was recently promoting her play Baby’s Blues based on postpartum depression. Talking to News18, he revealed how Shweta Kawatra had to struggle for five years to come out of this phase. She said, “We have a very dear friend Shweta Kawatra and she suffered for five years. She was ready to kill herself. Now, she has overcome her problems and is in a position where she can share her thoughts with young mothers. Being a mother is a blessing from God and it is very unfortunate that women have to suffer due to hormonal, social or emotional changes. After watching the drama, you will know to what extent postpartum depression can reach. This may be an extreme situation.

The Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki actress was at her peak when she married actor Manav Gohil and took a break from TV. However, in an old interview with HT, the actress opened up about battling postpartum depression after giving birth to a baby girl and what a 5-year-long journey it was. She said, “I wasn’t just low, I had brain fog. I used to have panic attacks. I would get angry for no reason. I felt helpless, I was suicidal and it was very depressing.”

Shweta Kawatra put on 30 kgs during her pregnancy and it took her a long time to recover. Only after this he started doing workouts. Then he took up Project Baal Veer and described it as a confidence booster. In the same interview, she revealed, “I did Baal Veer because I had lost all confidence. In depression, you want to separate yourself from everyone. You feel very self conscious about yourself and you feel very insecure.

Shweta is in no hurry to go to work. He was last seen in a brief appearance in Akshay KumarRam Setu. She wants to take it slow as she waits for a good job and tries to strike the right balance between her family and work.

Shweta Kawatra and Manav Gohil married in 2004 and after tying the knot for eight years, the couple welcomed a baby girl. Shweta started her television career with episodes of Saturday Suspense and Star Bestseller, after which she rose to fame. Ekta KapoorIn the story of Ghar Ghar Kii, she is playing the role of Pallavi, the main antagonist.

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