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Every day we are listening to Kaifi Khaleel’s melodious voice in the OST of Haniya Aamir, Wahaj Ali and Xavier Nauman starrer Mujhse Pyar Hua Tha. We also know him from Coke Studio 14’s superhit Kana Yaari. The song put Sundar Alok Music on the map and everyone was humming the beautiful Kana Yaari and appreciating the talent involved which included Wahab Bugti, Kaifi Khalil and Eva B. Many people who were not previously aware of Kaifi’s talent came to know about him through Kana of Coke Studio. Friendship.

The singer was a guest on Fuchsia where he shared his personal life struggles. He shared his story of how excited he was when he got a call from Zulfi and how difficult it was for him to remain silent about such a huge achievement of a song at Coke Studio. Kaifi was very excited to get that call.

Kana Yaari singer Kaifi Khaleel shares his struggles in real life

He shared that he sent three of his songs and Kana Yaari was selected:

He also shared that he hails from the talent hub Lyari, but was unable to attend school during his childhood due to struggles in life.

Kana Yaari singer Kaifi Khaleel shares his struggles in real life

Here’s what he was up to as a kid:

Kaifi Khalil also faced a lot of financial struggles in life. His father passed away when he was very young and he had to start working in small shops and even at construction sites. He used that money to buy music cassettes, CDs and musical instruments.