Kangana Ranaut Hints At Being Hurt In Love In New Cryptic Post: “Kitne Sitam Hum Pe Sanam”

Is Kangana Ranaut broken in love? (photo credit: Facebook)

Kangana Ranaut is one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood. She has been lucky to get recognition for most of her performances, not only from the audience but also from the government. But the one arena on which she has been really unlucky is love. Scroll down for the latest details.

As everyone knows, most of Kangana’s relationships have had legal battles. Her past with Hrithik Roshan is known to all. She was also in a relationship with Aditya Pancholi, who was already married. The actress also recently revealed that there is someone special in her life and fans will get to know about it ‘soon’.

Now, Kangana Ranaut He has shared a mysterious post on his social media. The actress took to her Instagram stories and shared a sketch of the couple embracing each other. “Tere liye hum hain ji… kitne sitaam hum pe sanam (I live for you, why I am treated so unfairly?),” read the caption.

Check out the story shared by Kangana Ranaut below:

Is this another Splitsville situation for Kangana? Well, only she can tell the truth!

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Kangana Ranaut revealed how she doesn’t have time for a partner who comes with any kind of baggage.

“I’m at a stage when I’m starting to enjoy my life. If anyone can sum it up, I’m fine, but if, as a woman, I’m expected to make sure she’s emotional Formally stable, enhances his spiritual development, is fortunate and gives him financial benefits and takes responsibility of a house, children, and family, so, I am not ready for this. At the moment I have for such people. There is no time for those who bring any kind of stuff.” Kangana Told Mumbai Mirror.

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