Kangana Ranaut Is A Fan Of Vikramaditya Motwane’s Jubilee, Thanks The Director For Launching “Fresh Faces” While Praising It For Lots More!

Kangana Ranaut is a fan of Vikramaditya Motwane’s jubilee, thanking the director for launching “Fresh Faces” and praising it for a lot more! (Photo courtesy- Instagram)

Actress Kangana Ranaut has praised the entire cast and crew of web-series ‘Jubilee’ and thanked the director for launching “two fresh faces” like Vamika Gabbi and Siddhant Gupta.

Kangana took to her Instagram stories and wrote: “What a brilliant, brilliant, absolutely brilliant drama series…. The seeds of the golden age of Hindi cinema were sown in the ashes of Partition and the aftermath of World War II… The characters in the play resemble the most iconic stalwarts of that era, but are rather supernatural…. It brings alive all the folklore and legends of that golden age that we still daydream about…Beyond amazing…A must see….”

He added “”@motwayne shines like the golden age of Indian cinema in all its glory.”

Kangana also said that every department is excellent, “from writing to photography, from costumes to sets, from music to make-up, everything comes together to create a wonderful screen experience.”

He added: “@Aparshakti_Khurana well done @aditiraohydari Special thanks to Shine and director @motwavne for launching two fresh faces (at least for me, I am seeing their work for the first time) who are dazzling the screen with their outstanding performances, charm and dazzling energy. We need new talents in the film industry @wamigagabbi @sidhant welcome to the team.”

The show also stars Prosenjit Chatterjee, Ram Kapoor and Nandish Sandhu. It revolves around aspirations, dreams and the greed of being in an industry like showbiz.

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