Kangana Ranaut Slams People Who Spread Rumours That She Beat Boys Up: “I’m Unable To Get Married…”

Kangana Ranaut blames rumors that she ‘beats boys’ for still being single (Picture Credits: Instagram)

Kangana Ranaut is a strong-willed woman who never shied away from speaking her mind and taking a stand for her faith. But has it caused trouble in his personal life – along with his power-packed and action-packed on-screen roles? , Well, the Dhaakad actress recently opened up about it and below is what she has to say.

During a recent promotional interview for her next film, the actress joked that she is unable to get married as people keep spreading rumors that she is belligerent and fights with people. Her co-star Arjun Rampal stepped in to list her good qualities and find a potential boyfriend. Scroll down.

In a recent interview with Sidharth Kannan, Kangana Ranaut was asked if she is as ‘dhaakad’ as her on-screen character in real life. Laughing at the question, the Rani actress replied, “It’s not like that, come on. Who will I beat in real life? I’m not able to get married because of people like you spreading such rumours.”

When asked by the host if she is serious that she is unable to marry because of the perception that she is strict, Kangana Ranaut half-jokingly replied, “Yes, because rumors are spread about me that I beat up the boys.”

The actress’s Dhaakad co-star, Arjun Rampal, who was also a part of the conversation, joked with Sidharth and asked him not to spread rumours. Asked to list some of Kangana’s good qualities – so that men know that she is not that combative on screen, Arjun replied, “All I can say is that Kangana is a fantastic actress. Whatever she is She is also for a role but in real life she is not like that. In real life, she is very sweet, very sweet and very god. A very normal person.”

Well after listening Arjun Rampal The reaction makes us wonder how many men are still scared to consider taking on Kangana Ranaut as their better half.

Talking about him to release Dhaakad, moreover Kangana Ranaut and Arjun Rampal playing the role of hero and villain respectively, the film also stars Divya Dutta, Shashwat Chatterjee and Sharib Hashmi in pivotal roles. The action thriller directed by Rajneesh Ghai is slated to release in theaters on May 20, 2022.

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