Kanye West Tells Justin Bieber “Get Your Girl Before I Get Mad” After Hailey Bieber Defends & Supports Gabriella Karefa-Johnson Who The Rapper Allegedly Bullied

Kanye West tells Justin Bieber to “get crazy before I go crazy” after Hailey Bieber stands by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Kanye West is at it again. The rapper-designer – who made a statement wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt at the Yeezy fashion show in Paris on Monday, asked Justin Bieber to ‘get your girl’ after Hailey Bieber stood up in support of Vogue editor Said. Gabriella Karefa-Johnson- whom he allegedly used to harass.

For those wondering what’s going on, on Monday after Kanye made a statement while making a T-shirt, Gabriella commented on it and it angered the rapper. In return, you bullied her but in return she got the support of many people including the model Gigi Hadido and Hailey.

A while back, Kanye West went to his official instagram account and shared a long note. In this, he not only asked Justin Bieber to keep his wife Hailey Bieber under control, but also trolled singer John Legend. Read on to know everything he had to say

In his post, Kanye West wrote, “I want to tell everyone there was some fashion this week too. There was a major thing called Fashion Week which actually went on for a month and some very well done crazy overpriced clothes were being shown. It wasn’t just about my paradigm-changing T-shirt. He continued, “Just joking. Remember that one of my t-shirts caught everyone’s attention. Becuase [sic] You are fucking all programmed sheep. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay with the shoes they were wearing, they were fucking. ,

The rapper added to his lengthy post, writing, “But I bet John Legend still wants a pair. And before I go crazy, Justin get your girl.”

Kanye West told Justin Bieber "get your girl (hailey bieber) before i get mad" - Read to know why

Prior to this post, Kanye had another post asking Justin Bieber if he was canceled after Hailey endorsed Karefa-Johnson. Hailey Bieber is sharing a screenshot titled “Hailee Bieber Joins Gigi Hadid in Defending Gabriella Karefa-Johnson After Kanye West Criticism”. In his caption he sarcastically asked, “Wait am I canceling again??? Justin please let me know.”

Kanye West told Justin Bieber "get your girl (hailey bieber) before i get mad" - Read to know why

Taking a stand for the editor of Vogue, Hailey Bieber wrote on her IG Stories, “My respect for you goes deep for my friend! It’s an honor to know you and it’s an honor to work with you. The most kind.” Most talented. Overjoyed, funniest. Most chic.”

What are your thoughts on this latest rant from Kanye West.

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