Kapil Sharma To Watch Nora Fatehi Groove Even 50 Years From Now, Jokes “Title Will Be Naach Meri Naani”

The Kapil Sharma Show: Hosts pull Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa’s legs after 50 years with their song Naach Meri Nani (Photo Credits: Instagram/KapilSharma, NoraFatehi)

Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa have been busy for the past few days promoting their latest track Dance Meri Rani. while the actress is now test covid positive And resting at home, she and Guru recently attended The Kapil Sharma Show.

During the show, Nora made fun of Randhawa’s dancing talent when asked if she has seen any improvement since her previous collaboration, Nach Meri Rani. Not one to be quiet, the host of the show poked fun at the show and even asked Guru about the future songs he has to offer with Nora.

The makers of The Kapil Sharma Show recently shared a promo of the episode featuring Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa. In the video, the host talks about the two’s collab and asks the singer if making a song is his way of spending time with Nora. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu can be heard saying in the video, “In the previous video, Guru made the song Naach Meri Rani, ab banaya dance my run, ab seriously jaane bana raha ho or Nora meet ke banane rahe Are you?”

While the duo and everyone present on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show laughed, the host said, “Koi toh mujhe baat raha tha, 50 years later the videos of Guru and Nora will keep coming. After that the title will be Naach Meri Nani Nani. , Meri Nai Naach” This statement caused the studio to erupt in further laughter and Nora even hi-fing the host.

While Nora Fatehi acted how she would perform in this track from 50 years on, Kapil Sharma said that people will still enjoy her performance. Watch the promo here:

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