Karanvir Bohra : “My Experience In Bigg Boss Wasn’t As Good As Lock Upp”

Karanvir Bohra reveals that lock up helped him blossom as a human being but reveals he was judged on Bigg Boss [Exclusive] (Photo Credit – Wikimedia; Instagram)

The Kangana Ranaut-hosted lock up never fails to grab headlines. From its drama, fights and arguments to its shocking eliminations, romance and more, fans are fed with updates as it happens. Recently, we met Karanvir Bohra post his second elimination from the show in Koimoi and talked to him about a lot of things.

One of the things KB spoke to us about was her experience of participating in two types of captive reality shows – Bigg Boss and lock up. From sharing how both shows groomed him, to revealing why he loves the one he was recently evicted from, read on to find out what he had to say.

Comparing both the reality shows, Karanvir Bohra told us, “My experience in Bigg Boss was not as good as my experience. lock up Was. I loved Lock Up.” When asked what was it that made him fall in love with the reality show hosted by Kangana Ranaut, the actor said, “Lock up, there is no one to judge me. What I do right, what I do wrong – I am told that you deal, use, deal with it. So it is for me to grow as a human being. I used to be the judge in Bigg Boss.”

Karanvir Bohra further said, “(In Bigg Boss) I used to be judged and I always thought ‘Yeh wrong did’. So I didn’t grow, I was going in a shell. It (lock up) me. Khil Gaya Hai. This show has made me grow as a human being.” Talking about his personal experience in both the shows, KB said, “This is my personal experience. Lots of people have other experiences but this is mine. And that’s why this show is great, but I don’t know where it’s going. So I think this is where it’s going to go next season as well. ,

When asked if he is game to participate in the lock-up in subsequent seasons as a contestant, Karanvir Bohra said, “I will have my own terms and conditions.” However, he added, “But I’ll grow up, I’ll be a troublemaker and mess with everyone. But I will never stoop to a level in my life, no matter what reality show it is. ,

After being eliminated from the lock-up in Week 5, when Zeeshan Khan and Vineet Kakkar entered as wildcard contestants, KB – as fellow prisoners called them, due to low votes, in Week 7, the show was once again suspended. closed from.

Stay tuned to Koimoi to catch more exclusive titles of Karanvir Bohra’s video interview and our conversation with him.

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