Kareem Davis Directorial Debut Thriller ‘The First Classic’ Adds Stephanie Paige, Tyshon Freeman, And Yoel Kanchelov To Cast

Specific: Stephanie Paige, (I Tonya, Ozark and Spider-Man: Homecoming), Tyson Freeman, (BMF, The Gifted, And 24th), and Joel Kanchelov, (The Fifth Wave, Half-Sisters, and Vacation Seekers), will star in kareem davis directorial debut film first classic,

This thriller follows Travis as he investigates the origins of a mysterious woman who saved him from impending doom. As he gets closer to discovering who he is and what he is capable of, he begins to lose his sanity.

Davis also wrote the screenplay for it. first classic Which is the first of four slated for production under Cherry Blossom Studios. The MD Group will serve as the project’s executive producer with William Clevinger (cut throat city), of The Big Picture Collective Will serve as producer and represent Imperium Features films in the global market.

Paige, Freeman, and Kanchelov are each replicated by Michelle Davis of BrightRed Talent Agency. “Brightred Talent and I are extremely fortunate to be the powerhouses of a partnership.” He expressed his excitement about the successful interactions he had with fresh new faces in the industry. “There was a lot of hustle, and was in the right place at the right time.”

Freeman is represented by CGEM Talent, J.J. for South-East. Performed by Michelle Davis of BrightRed Talent for Parvis Talent Agency and West Coast.

first classic Production of animals in the first week of September 2022