Karlovy Vary Festival Winners: ‘Summer With Hope’ Wins Grand Prix

of sadaf forofi Iran-set feature warm with hope has won the Grand Prix Prize in the 56th Main Crystal Globe Competition Karlovy Vary International Film FestivalRunning July 1-9.

The social drama revolves around a young swimming champion whose close relationship with his instructor provokes disapproval from those around him.

warm with hope The second film by Iranian-Canadian filmmaker Forofi ava Fipresi, which debuted in Toronto in 2017, won the International Critics’ Award.

The Grand Prix of KVIFF comes with a cash prize of $25,000 which is shared equally between the director and the producer. Kiarash Anwari of Toronto-based First Generation Films is the lead producer of the film.

This year’s Crystal Globe competition jury included Argentine filmmaker Benjamin Domenech, German filmmaker Jan-Ole Gerster, Polish distributor and festival organizer Roman Gutek, international sales agent and producer Fiorella Moretti and Danish film editor and screenwriter Molly Mlen Stensgaard. Were.

Among the other main competition prizes, the special jury prize of $15,000 went to Spanish director Jonas Truba. you have to come and see itFollowing two couples in their thirties as they discuss the essentials of life between Madrid and the neighboring countryside.

Czech director Beta Parkanova and actor Martin Finger won Best Director and Best Actor respectively Word, Set against the backdrop of events surrounding the Russian invasion of the Czech Republic in 1968, Finger plays a respected small-town notary and family man who comes under pressure to join the local branch of the Communist Party against his will. .

The award for Best Actress was shared by Taki Mumaladze and Mariam Khundadze for her performance in Georgian director Ioseb “Soso” Blyadze’s women’s liberation drama A. my own room,

Czech director těpan FOK Vodrážs psh never ending storyThree legendary rappers nearing middle age won the audience award.

This year marked the inaugural edition of KVIFF’s new Proxima competition. Czech guided pair Adela Komrzy and Tomas Björ won the top $15,000 Proxima Grand Prix.

The Proxima jury consisted of Filipino producer Bianca Balabuena, Icelandic documentarian Yrsa Roka Fanberg, Czech music journalist, filmmaker and writer Pavel Kluac, American distributor Michael Rosenberg and Ukrainian film director Myroslav Sluboshpitski.

Among other Proxima Awards, Spanish actor and director Eduardo Casanova won the $10,000 Special Jury Prize. la pieta And uncle The Special Jury Mention was awarded by Croatian directors David Kapac and Andrija Mardecic.

Three honorary awards were also presented at the closing ceremony of KVIFF.

Australian actor Geoffrey Rush was awarded the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema, Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro with the Festival President’s Award and veteran Czech actor Boleslav Polivka with the Festival President Award for Contribution to Czech Cinematography.

In Collateral Awards, Bulgarian Feature Documentary a provincial hospital Won the Ecological Jury Award and Polish director Anna Kazczek’s Camping Holiday comedy-drama fucking bornholm Europa Cinema Label Award.

The Fipresi Best Film award in the Crystal and Proxima competitions went to Polish director Tomas Winski. love border and Czech observational documentaries art talent show respectively.

This was the first full-scale edition of KVIFF since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. A total of 170 short and feature-length films were screened at the event and 10,592 recognized guests were welcomed.